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In every issue of Shade of Color magazine, we will publish extensive portfolios and interviews with great artists. It is a magazine with total priority to the image.

Product Reviews

We will review and test most of the new software and equipment coming out every month.


In each issue, you will find photography tutorials using all the new software and plugins, plus a lot of photography techniques tutorials with great experts.

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Featured Artists


Thierry Dufour

Despite a very modest attitude and pretending he is just an amateur, his insects imagggges are pectacular.

Andreas Bauer

Thie Travel photographer came back from a longtrip to Cuba. He witnessed the after Hurricane period and gave usa strong portfolio and a very interesting interview

Daniel Lousbergh

Anonther great traveler/artist that love to portray Africa and Guinea. He gives us insights on the tribes he visited with intense portraits.

Ron Clifford

An amazing artist/mentor/photographer. He shares his time between Landscapes and Portrait photography, not forgetting his role as a Master in The Arcanum.  Read his passionate answers to our questions and discover some superb images from Antarctica.


He is a Chinse photographer lilving in the heart of the coal production center. . . . He shows us a dark monochromatic vision of his country with some intense and very moody monochromatic images.

Jan Niezen

A very interesting photographer working   rrrron ron ron a specificcctopic, the lines and details of Architecturea very tricky and challenging discipline.;

The Panels Masters

A cross interview made with three of the top luminosity masking panels creators, Aaron Dowling, Greg Benz and Jimmy McIntyre. They talk about their photography and the panels they are creating and constantly upgrading.

A great opportunity to compare their different approaches.

Image Submission

You are welcome to submit your work to our editors .We will contact you back.

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Images of the week

Here are what we consider the best images of the week as voted by the editors of the magazine.

Photolemur. A short review

Photolemur is a very simple application to instantly get the most from any image. It uses AI to analyze your image and correct exposure, contrast, saturation, and clarity Photolemur naturally knows just what to do for images. From faces to objects, to the sky — it...

Skylum focuses on AI with Photolemur

Skylum Software announced the formation of a new research and development division dedicated to the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies in image processing. The Skylum AI Lab leverages the company’s prior work developing smart filters in its...

Venezuelan photographer Ronaldo Schemidt wins World Press Photo of the Year Award

The World Press Photo Foundation announced the results of its renowned contests, the 61st annual World Press Photo Contest and the 8th annual World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest, at its annual Awards Show in Amsterdam. The jury of the 2018 Photo Contest...

World Press Photo 2018. The nominees.

Adam Ferguson for The New York Times Portraits of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants, taken in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. The girls were strapped with explosives, and ordered to blow themselves up in crowded areas, but managed to escape and find help...

World Press Photo 2018. The Venezuela Crisis.

  José Víctor Salazar Balza (28) catches fire amid violent clashes with riot police during a protest against President Nicolás Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela. President Maduro had announced plans to revise Venezuela’s democratic system by forming a constituent assembly...

DJI Drone Awards

Launched in late-2017, the DJI Drone Photography Award called for project ideas that would make creative use of a drone to explore new photographic possibilities. In capturing subject matters impossible to reach on foot, the drone-shot work would open the viewer’s...

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