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Photo ©Adrian Donoghue

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Cover image by Mehdi Mokhtari

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Featured Artists

Gabor Dvornik


A moody landscape photographer working with solft and glowing lights. A great set of images you would love to hang on your walls.

Mehdi Mokhtari


Mehdi is a great portrait photographer. He goes straight to the point focusing on the model face with very simple but beautiful lighting.

Thierry Bouriat


For a long time, we wanted to publish some Concert Photography. Thierry’s images are perfect to show what this discipline is, and what it takes to get fantastic images.

John Alexander


John represents Travel Photography at its best.He is a Hasselblad photographer and share with us a fantastic set of images. In his long interview, he tells us a lot about interacting with people and getting the best of them.

Olga Merrill

Olga is what you can call a crazy photographer. She works with series and offer us two superb sets of images. One is her interpretation of the cityscapes. The other is calles “My crazy mind” and shows her vision of Portrait Photography.

Avishek Das


The great Indian photojournalist is back with another superb real life photostory about a ritual celebration in India. A superb and colorful work.

Landscape photographer of the year


Discover here a great selection of the best entries from this year contest.

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What you will find.


In every issue of Shade of Color magazine, we will publish extensive portfolios and interviews with great artists. It is a magazine with total priority to the image.

Product Reviews

We will review and test most of the new software and equipment coming out every month.


In each issue, you will find photography tutorials using all the new software and plugins, plus a lot of photography techniques tutorials with great experts.

Image Submission

You are welcome to submit your work to our editors .We will contact you back.

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Images of the week

Here are what we consider the best images of the week as voted by the editors of the magazine.

Guest Blog: DASHA ARTS

Guest Blog. Dasha Arts Forget everything you knew about Art. The world of art is so changed that it has narrowed to a point that can be called an art mafia. Collecting maybe is a thing of the past, because true collectors are gradually leaving for another world, and...

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019

 THE 5th INTERNATIONAL LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018 Professional and amateur photographers worldwide were invited to enter the fifth International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition for a chance to share in the prize pool, including US$10,000...

Open Walls Arles

Open Walls Arles  Calling emerging and established photographers to submit work responding to the theme: GrowthBritish Journal of Photography in collaboration with Galerie Huit Arles have announced the second edition of OpenWalls Arles, an award aimed at creating...

What's next for Skylum Alex Tspeko, Skylum's CEO, gave us an exclusive interview about AI and the new software developements. 2018 was a great year for Skylum, and 2019 has been full of new products and improvements. Can you tell us about how Skylum is moving forward?...

Adjust AI from Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs Releases Adjust AI Joining Topaz Labs’ line-up of AI-powered photo editing applications, Adjust AI helps users achieve brilliant photo contrast, clarity, detail, and color through artificial intelligence.  Topaz Labs released today a major new product...

1.7 A major update for Affinity Photo & Designer

Biggest-ever Affinity updates  Speed, power and extensive new features, GPU compute acceleration, HDR monitor support and a new memory management system ensure the Affinity suite continues to be at the cutting edge of modern creative software. The 1.7 versions of Affinity...

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