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Cover image by Jean Michel Missri

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Featured Artists

David Butow - Brink

The photojournalist went on both sides to capture the Capitole attack by Trump fanatics. He came up with a new book and stunning images.

Smita Mondal

She is a great photographer from India, following the steps of mentors such as Avishek Das. Here is a superb photo story about the Varanasi.

Peter Merts - Ex Crucible

He came with a new book about jailed artists. A good story about art creatos in prison. An interesting view, far from we usually see.

Kausik Paul

India has a lot of great artists / Photographers. Kausik Paul comes with a vision he explained in a long interview and a superb portfolio.

Christiano Volk - Laissez Faire

Christiano Volk is a visionary. He comes with an abastract view, and a lot of strong images. He released a new book called “Laissez Faire”, from wch you will find a superb selection of images.

Sony World Photography Awards 22

A selection of the winning images.

Epson Pano Awards 2022

A selection of the winning images.

Shaibal Nandi

He is a talented Indan photographer wu publsh on a regular basis with “Life Stories”

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What you will find.


In every issue of Shade of Color magazine, we will publish extensive portfolios and interviews with great artists. It is a magazine with total priority to the image.

Product Reviews

We will review and test most of the new software and equipment coming out every month.


In each issue, you will find photography tutorials using all the new software and plugins, plus a lot of photography techniques tutorials with great experts.

Image Submission

You are welcome to submit your work to our editors .We will contact you back.

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Images of the week

Here are what we consider the best images of the week as voted by the editors of the magazine.

Back to America. Les USA en couleurs

Elle a fait rêver toute une génération… Replongez dans une Amérique fantasméede 1936 à 1943 à travers 200 photographies de la Library of Congress coloriséespar Sébastien de Oliveira. Stations-services et diners, stetsons et rodéos, stades et couloirs de lycées,...

Quentin Caffier. Banquette Arrière.

Banquette Arrière est une ode à l’amour, à la nostalgie et au temps passé à l’arrière des voitures. C’est à cet endroit que de nombreux baisers ont été échangés, que quelques activités ont laissé quelques traces de buée, que des souvenirs se sont créés. Au-delà de la...

Leica Prototype sets the Most Expensive camera record.

Leica prototype sets new world record: Leica 0-series no.105 sold for € 14.4 million The serial production of the Leitz Camera, or Leica for short, the world's first 35mm camera, is considered a milestone of modern photography. Before the first cameras were available...

Ed Kashi. Abandoned Moments

Nature-ChristianVizlABANDONED MOMENTS A Love Letter to Photography  Photographs by Ed Kashi  Texts by Ed Kashi and Alison Nordström Perhaps most importantly, this book demonstrates an innovative and nuanced form for autobiography from someone whose entire working life...


STORIES 2021 IS OPEN FOR ENTRIES Stories seeks to discover, promote and amplify the important work being made by Australian photographers. Stories is an annual award for photographic storytellers operated by Photo Collective. We are calling for series work and...

FAUXLIAGE By Annette LeMay Burke

FAUXLIAGE By Annette LeMay Burke  Foreword by Ann M. Jastrab Disguised Cell Phone Towers of the American West.     In Fauxliage, Annette LeMay Burke artfully documents the proliferation of disguised cell phone towers in the American West. By attempting to...

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