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Cover image by Marius Morangues

Shades of Color Magazine est maintenant disponible en version Française.

Featured Artists

Marius Morangues

Marius recently published a fantastic book called éBeyond Java”. Here is a superb selection of this masteriece, and a long interview about his work and vision.

Hao Jiang

Hao Jiang is a Landscape, and Wildlife photographer. Enjoy a great selection of incredible Drone images, aand irresistible Bear imagees.

Sandipa Malakar

She spents most of her time in Africa to photograph the extraordinary wildlife, and the people living there. She gives us a lot of insights on her philosophy of life. If you have the chance to attend one of her workshops, just grab it.

Vic Perri

He usually post under the nickname “Creativo”.Now retired, hespends most of his time travelling, and searching for great landscapes, and cityscapes. We are certain you will enjoy these great sceneries, and perfect compositions.

Shaibal Nandi

For many of us photographers, the lockdoown was not a great inspiration. For other like Shaibal, this was almost a blessing, and a great opportunity to get creative. Just explore his subtle vision of the pandemic.

Fayzullah Tunç

We recently discovered this excellent Turkish photographer. The dynamic, and perfectly lighted shots he produces are tryly eye catching. Enjoy a superb selection of his work..

Exhibitions and Photography news

Enjoy a large selection of some of the best images, and the latest sofware announcements and reviews.

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What you will find.


In every issue of Shade of Color magazine, we will publish extensive portfolios and interviews with great artists. It is a magazine with total priority to the image.

Product Reviews

We will review and test most of the new software and equipment coming out every month.


In each issue, you will find photography tutorials using all the new software and plugins, plus a lot of photography techniques tutorials with great experts.

Image Submission

You are welcome to submit your work to our editors .We will contact you back.

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Images of the week

Here are what we consider the best images of the week as voted by the editors of the magazine.

Prix Swiss Life à 4 mains

Nature-ChristianVizlA Photo Comp with Scores and Feedback for Everyone Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year 2020 closes 22 August 2020uatrième édition du Prix Swiss Life à 4 mains, 2020-2021. Une rencontre inédite entre photographie et musique    Soutien...

Saison photographique de l’Epau 2020 1er juillet – 1er novembre 2020

L’Abbaye Royale de l’Epau, le cœur de la Saison Photo 1er juillet – 1er novembre 2020Imagine - Erik JOHANSSON - Leap of Faith « Imagine » Virtuose du montage, l’artiste crée des images digitales extrêmement réalistes de scènes complétement improbables, entre...


Nature-ChristianVizlA Photo Comp with Scores and Feedback for Everyone Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year 2020 closes 22 August 2020It’s great to win a photo competition, but what about everyone else? Better Photography Magazine’s Photo of the Year 2020 is...

Guest Blog: DASHA ARTS

Guest Blog. Dasha Arts Forget everything you knew about Art. The world of art is so changed that it has narrowed to a point that can be called an art mafia. Collecting maybe is a thing of the past, because true collectors are gradually leaving for another world, and...

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019

 THE 5th INTERNATIONAL LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018 Professional and amateur photographers worldwide were invited to enter the fifth International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition for a chance to share in the prize pool, including US$10,000...

Open Walls Arles

Open Walls Arles  Calling emerging and established photographers to submit work responding to the theme: GrowthBritish Journal of Photography in collaboration with Galerie Huit Arles have announced the second edition of OpenWalls Arles, an award aimed at creating...
ON1 Photo RAW 2020

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