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Forget everything you knew about Art.

The world of art is so changed that it has narrowed to a point that can be called an art mafia.

Collecting maybe is a thing of the past, because true collectors are gradually leaving for another world, and their children and grandchildren are people who photograph food for insta. For them, the ultimate goal is how expensive sell paintings or photographs from the collection of his father or grandfather and buy with this money a mountain of unnecessary things. Or another option, for example, to buy a banana for a very round sum, to proudly say to his friends: – Heard about a banana? I bought it, lol!

It is completely paradoxical that among such a huge number of talents all over the world, they sell banana, not in the market – but in the gallery!

It is very difficult for young talents and 98% of them will never be able to be heard and recognized. Although, among them there are many worthy artists. In order to get into these same 2%, artists are likely to have to join the art mafia. Order a millionth marketing, find people who will tell other people that this work needs to be bought. Remember the movie 1 + 1, where one of the main characters decided to make money on art, before having nothing to do with it. He did it thanks to connections and it really works.

It is unfortunate that many cannot take a good job, for example, to become the editor-in-chief of a magazine, a leading designer or director. Most likely, you will hear the phrase: – Sorry, but this place is occupied by the son (or daughter) of an important person, or – You are too young, wait for old age.

So, what to do for those 98% who have only talent.? Do not despair, you need to update ideas!
After all, the world has changed! it’s unfortunate that only the phrase “Hungry Artist” remained the same.

I will try to give you 5 tips on how to make a difference and look at the world of art in 2020.

Tips for the lazy:

  1. Banana is already sold. Glue another fruit to the wall.
  2. The potato has already been sold. Take a photo of another vegetable.
  3. Find for yourself a sheikh and persuade you to buy your entire collection.
  4. Wait until you receive a letter from an agent or art dealer. If nothing has come within 10 years, wait another 10.
  5. Do not work in art

And now tips for talent and enthusiasts!

  • Adjust to the art market, but do not change your style.The theme should be relevant, but in your style. Try to beat an interesting news or item. Meditate!
  • Do it high quality. Many galleries complain of low-quality art. Take the time to create something unique.
  • Engage in marketing yourself! Nobody knows better about you than you yourself! Register on sites dedicated to your topic. Delight subscribers with new artworks. Take part in contests. Send letters to interesting companies – sooner or later they will answer you.
  • Instagram. A separate point, because everything goes there. Watch the hashtags. Update information and posts – you will succeed!
  • Believe in yourself! Keep believing in yourself! Well, just in case – look for a sheikh.

What is missing now is the place where talents can turn. There are many galleries that say that they will promote you, but at the same time, they will set a large bill for the provision of services, without giving any guarantee of a positive result.

DASHA’s idea is to create a home for the artist. A place where everyone can share their art, show a curator, get feedback and appreciation. Get the opportunity to exhibit, sell and support what is primarily needed by young talents.

Dream project Dasha’s art is the prospect of showing real talents, both to collectors and companies and people who love art. This is a global project that can put art on the rails on which it should be. And even if there appears an image of a banana or potato, most likely it will be a protest, but it is executed as a real art!

For the implementation of such a global project, while there is no funding, it is a matter of time. But We hope that DASHA’s voice will sound loud all over the world right now!–


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